2018 BMW M2 “Competition” N55
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2018 BMW M2 Competition

For 2018, the M2 still muscle its game. No more basic version equipped with the six-cylinder line type “N55” extrapolated series 1 and 2 classic. The new M2 Competition (the only variant now proposed in the catalog) receives the N55 block used by the M3 and M4. If the displacement remains common to both engines, the compact of the brand to the propeller goes up in range with this mechanics barely deflated compared to its big sisters at Motorsport.

The machine develops 410 hp and claims 56 mkg of peak torque, 21 hp less than the M3 / M4 but with an identical torque value. The M2 Competition headdress so at the pole the Audi RS3 restyled (400 hp) and the old MercedesAMG A 45 AMG (381 hp), even if the sport of the mark with the rings retains a very slight advantage on the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h (4”1 against 4”2) thanks to its all-wheel drive.

BMW propulsion will most likely take the lead in the first corner, thanks to a chassis with optimized settings compared to the previous version. Good because this previous M2 sometimes suffered from imperfect behavior, especially in the bumpy. Note in passing that the car is still satisfied with a passive suspension, without controlled dampers, unlike its rivals home Audi and Mercedes. However, it uses an active differential, and always leaves the choice between a 6-speed manual transmission and a double-clutch transmission DKG.

When we know that the old M2 was only six tenths to the M4 CS on our reference track, it’s a safe bet that the “Competition” outperforms his big sister. The base price climbs to 66,950 euros, an increase of 3,000 euros not so significant given the significant evolution in all areas. The Bavarian is thus 800 euros less than a Cayman S and 8,000 euros more than a legendary Alpine A110.


> Engine 6 cilindres

> supercharging 2 turbos

> Displacement (cm3) 2,979

> Horsepower (rpm to rpm) 410 to 5,250

> Torque (mkg to rpm) 56,1 to 2,350

> Transmission drive

> Gearbox 6, mechanical 7, double pack.

> Tires front 245/35 ZR 19

> Rear 265/35 ZR 19

> Weight (kg) 1,550

> L / W / h (m) 4,46 / 1,85 / 1,41

> Wheelbase ( m) 2,69

> Maximum speed (km / h) 250/280 **

> 0 to 100 km / h 4 “4/4” 2 *

> Conso. mixed (l / 100 km) 9,8 / 9,1 *

> Emissions C02 (g / km) 223/207 *

> Price (€) 66,950 70,900 *

> Fiscal Power (CV) 30

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