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Dubai city at night

Amazing Dubai city in different rakurses

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That is Dubai in one word.

This is where you will find the world famous tallest building in the world, the Burj Khailfa. The largest shopping centre in the world, the Dubai Mall And iconic construction projects Such as the Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. Even your arrival is impressive more than 80 million passenger arrive at Dubai Airport every year. Nowhere in the world is the number higher. In Welcome to Dubai we ask four social influencers from Dubai to describe their city. To me Dubai is the best of Easts meets West.

Dubai is awesome in one word I thing I would describe Dubai as very inspiring. There is just a sense of optimism and a bit of sunshine always help that. What started as a small fishing town more than 40 years ago. Is now an metropolis with almost 3 million residence. A place that is alive where so much is happening. The city made up of many neighborhood with very different characters. I think for very long the Jumeirah area has been quite underrated. And now that we have got all of these cool new social spots like, Boxpark, Galleria, City Walk and Al Wasl Square. I think now this area is the place to be i think one of the great things about Jumeirah is that no matter where you are.

You have the sea on one side and on the other side you have a view of all the skyrises. They have always got something happening at the beach. So it is never a dull moment here. It is one of those places that I take people to every single time. Because it gives you an alternative view and an alternative opinion of the city. One of the reasons why I love Boxpark is because they have used containers and converted that into stores. You can definitely catch me at Boxpark. It is the place I go for coffee, one of my favorite place is Gossip Deserts which is a home grown brand in the region. Boxpark is a very modern and new idea and it fits our concept very well. Because it is an urban lifestyle and at the same time it is localized in a traditional area. I go to Boxpark because I want to buy a pair of trainers and I come away from Boxpark having had the best mozzarella I have ever had.

The place is really inspired by I would say maybe London or New York. It is very urban, very artsy and just a really cool place to hang out. Well Jumeirah area has some of the cutest little boutique stores you know from high-end designers like you know Karl Lagerfeld, Tory Burch to some really up and coming designers. CIty Walk is sort of like a city within a city. They have some great shops there, one of my favorites is concepts. You know I am a sneaker-head myself, I love sneakers. City Walk enjoys our little unique concept there is no one in the rest of Dubai that does coco cuisine. When we decided to be in Dubai we wanted to be in a unique location. So we chose City Walk, it was brand new, it was contemporary, it was dynamic. You got Hub Zero which is great entertainment, it is pure entertainment. You have got Green Planet which is edutainment.

Because you are getting answers, you are learning and the kids find it fascinating. Every hour they have a laser, water and smoke show right in the middle of City Walk. Dubai is known for their great local beaches and there is loads of them down on the Al Sufouh strip and the beach road strip. But if you really want something a little bit more high-end a little bit more luxury. I suggest popping in at Nikki Beach Dubai. You will feel like you are in Miami. A lot of people here do weekend staycations, and this is a fantastic place for it. It is a combination of 15 private villa’s, a spa, resort beach club and also a hotel and Nikki Beach residences.

It is a luxury beach club. It combines music, fashion, art, food and it is one of the hotspots in Dubai any day of the week that you go there. The great part about Nikki Beach is not only do they bring great DJ’s every weekend from around the world, but it is everything from casual dining to a party so you can make it what you want and pretty much spend the weekend there, it is guaranteed a great time. That’s why it is really difficult to leave Nikki Beach, because it is a full on destination on it’s own.

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