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black Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Black Series

Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Black Series in Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue Colours

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I came to the car very late. I had my license only 12 years ago. I was 37 years old. I managed otherwise, by taxi, bus, with friends. The luck I had was that my old friend offered me every year for my birthday instructor laps. What made me want to ride and what I always wanted to be a good driver. Once the license in hand, I had the opportunity by a friend to buy a CLK 230 Kompressor. Being young, cars did not interest me more than that, I was not passionate about mechanics etc. On the other hand, as soon as I had my license and a car, I got down to it. I was not passionate about Mercedes like today, but I have evolved into the brand. I had a CLK 500, a CLK 63 AMG then the C 63 Black Series. I stayed true to Mercedes, true to the C-Class and true to the coupe.

The first time I saw it was at Hockenheim in 2011. In red. I had a crush. I liked the sporty side, the noise. I thought I’d like to have it. Not, “I want it. Because it needed finances. Two years later, it was finally possible. They made 500 in the world, 10 in France, and I got it with 6000 km. An enthusiast of the Mercedes club that I said I would buy him, reminded me of the day he wanted to part with it! I did my credit and I said, “I take! I did not even try it. I did not know all the features on the fingertips, it was not that that prevailed.

That’s what it gave off, its shape, and the badge Black Series, the top of the top. I’m not very Ferrari, although I find it very pretty, I do not particularly emotion. At Porsche, the GT2 and GT3 RS I like a lot. McLaren speaks to me more! I even drove the P1 at the Nürburgring, it was amazing. The day she was finally mine, I was excited, like a kid who had his Christmas … in October. I rolled, listened to the noise, I looked at it. And in truth this car really attracts sympathy. No jealousy, she has a good love rating.

In the retro, she is aggressive and people are pushing, which is pretty funny. Driving, it is massive, there are more than 510 hp, and they are there! I knew, even without driving, that it would be great, and it is! For me, it’s a culmination. For my first trip, I went to Spain, I traveled 3,000 km. Moreover at the border, the customs officer asked me to put gas thoroughly! It was extraordinary. I also often go to Germany and people always have a thumbs up.

I would do it again. My use is only the weekend, because weekdays a Black Series is too much. She draws eyes and questions: “It’s a kit? Is it registered? I often do trackdays, and I am completely satisfied in all driving conditions. It remains comfortable and versatile on the road, and very interesting to lead on track. Yes, it is a bit heavy, but the chassis is good, the brakes enduring with minor modifications, the engine is great and its behavior to the limit, demanding. It is not to put in all hands.

I do between 15 and 20,000 km a year. Go to the circuit, drive and come back. The Nürburgring is kind of my second home because I go there twice a month. This circuit is fabulous. It imposes restraint, respect, humility. The C 63 Black Series is rather made for a circuit like Spa but she is doing very well at the Nürburgring too. I am very cautious, after every trip I take him to check at MLC 63, AMG specialist. I never had a problem, and the cost of the revision is low, € 1,900 with the tires, that’s € 1,000 maintenance.

It consumes but it is acceptable, and we must feed the eight bowls! The tank is quite small so if I press, the range is just over 300 km. I remember a trip to Germany with a friend, Anthony, in the left lane, 315 km / h at the GPS, doubling a German police car. The best thing is that nothing happens, it’s perfectly legal! I like driving, I have the car for, but in urban areas, in danger zones, I respect the limitations whatever happens. It should not be confused.

I would stay at AMG. And as a loyal customer, I’m on the list of the upcoming AMG GT Black Series. It should arrive in one to two years. Second, McLaren is the brand that speaks to me the most. A concentrate of passion, technology and performance. I think Mercedes has changed a lot, has really changed. In my opinion more than BMW and Audi. With a grain of madness that I like.

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