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Snow tree in winter landscape
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Photo by Please-don't-call-me-Pam

Our snow was a very pretty one, and a moderately convenient one, falling on a weekend and all. The main roads were pretty much clear by this afternoon, and many of the smaller roads were passable-ish. Even with the sun breaking out this afternoon, the snow stayed on the trees and looked beautiful and pristine.

Alex and I ran some errands and went out for lunch, and before going home, stopped at the state arboretum to see what there was to see. One of the things I most love about living so close to the arboretum is becoming friendly and familiar with it, and seeing all these friendly and familiar features – trees, mainly – in all seasons, in all sorts of light.

I’ve shot this tree before, right after a snow: flic.kr/p/QVfNmJ Sorry, I can’t remember how to make a pretty hyperlink in Flickr. I think I like the first snow-and-bent-tree picture better than today’s, but I like today’s, too.

The day was actually pretty pleasant for all the snow around. It wasn’t warm by any stretch of the imagination, but for a January day, it wasn’t too terribly cold. No wind, despite the bowed appearance of this tree. It just grows that way, I think to lend a greater sense of cold for photographers like me who happen by the arboretum not long after a snowfall. What a pal!

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